VIKI befriends KNX

VIKI the smart home takes a step towards interfacing with the KNX solution. In December we have researched KNX technology and tested the possibility of integrating the VIKI intelligence layer with the connection offered by the KNX solution.

KNX is a system that retains its value

KNX is the only system that complies with the requirements of the European (EN50090) and International (ISO / IEC 14543) standards for Home Automation. This compliance certifies the value of KNX technology and it is the quality proof for homeowners.

KNX is an open system

KNX provides the freedom to choose the products that are to be integrated in your home: over 200 manufacturers offer you a variety of KNX products, certified and compatible, according to the latest standards in the technical field, having the complete freedom to choose. So, with KNX you build today for tomorrow.

KNX technology is a worldwide standard for all home automation applications, from lighting and window blinds control, to various security systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, alarm monitoring, sanitation control, energy management, measuring, and also devices for home, audio and many more.

KNX technology can be used not only in new buildings, but also in existing ones and has been on the market for over 23 years, including predecessors, EIB, EHS and BatiBUS.
The systems designed according to the KNX standard can be applied from the level of an apartment to huge installations such as the new terminals of airports in the world, like Beijing, built for the 2008 Olympics, or terminal 5 at London’s Heathrow airport.

This leads to a great flexibility and the possibility to model many intelligent functions even for residential, multi or single-family buildings.
The VIKI team will return in the next period with details about the results of the tests performed in this research.