VIKI will attend AMMA 2018

AMMA 2018 is the 4th International Congress of Automobile and Transport Engineering, held between October 17-19, 2018, at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

The VIKI team will attend for the first time as an exhibitor at this event, bringing among the participants the VIKI system and the facilities of a customized environment with a view to the applicability of such a solution inside cars. With personalized climate, lighting, multimedia facilities, we will challenge visitors to the stand to make a trip in the near future, where the car they drive will learn their behavior and environmental preferences, then automatically apply them in the most natural way.

We therefore proposed a meeting between the technologies applied in the automation of a house and the evaluation of the implementation of these algorithms or facilities in the machines of the future.

The VIKI solution is the home automation system equipped with algorithms for learning the behavior of its users. We will provide visitors with related information and what it means to install such a smart home, how it can provide significant long-term benefits to owners in relation to the investment made and how this solution improves our life experience.

The purpose of the International Congress of Automotive and Transportation Engineering is to provide opportunities for participants to gain insight into the leading automotive industry and ideas for future developments, as well as to update their skills and knowledge by participating in technical sessions focused on various topics of interest.

Among the topics of the congress are: hybrid and electric vehicles; physical cyber systems in the automotive industry; advanced engineering, software and simulation; manufacturing technologies and materials; green solutions for vehicles.

Thank you, to the Technical University, for the invitation! See you there!

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