Automated access in a smart home

Home automation is the technology of the future already present in our lives. With every automated device in your home, you take a step towards comfort, safety and an efficient way of life.

Access to the smart home can be secured by different devices and modern technologies. The VIKI team comes with some suggestions and information regarding quick and safe access to the home and the option of being permanently connected with it.

We talked in other previous posts, too, about audio / video intercoms that give homeowners the option to identify people who call the intercom’s external station and based on this information to decide whether or not they can access the house or yard. These systems are easy to install, so whether you are at home or not, you can easily manage access to it. A simple push of a button will send an audio / video signal to the mobile phone, and just after making the decision to allow access, the owner can send the order directly from the application.

The owners of the VIKI smart home can enter the house using the smart locks or even access terminals equipped with technology that uses biometric data.

The smart locks come with a high level of security, 3 motorized locking bolts and 2 access solutions: RFID card and PIN code. Innovative features such as alarms, fake code, automatic shut-off and integration feature provide comfort and increase the feeling of security.

Biometrics is already a big part of our daily lives and offers simplicity and security.
Fingerprint scanners are used in smartphones, for fingerprint payment methods, but in recent years also for home access. The fingerprint access control terminal can register several fingerprints, so access by multiple users in the home is easy (cleaning staff, family etc.). Multiple fingerprints can be set for each person. You no longer have to worry about lost or stolen cards and keys, forgotten codes or passwords.

Surely the strongest advantage of using biometric technology is that it offers increased security due to the fact that the fingerprints are unique and represent an unrepeatable feature once installed, the costs associated with maintaining these systems are minimal.

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