When life is better than the movie

It is said that if you can imagine it, you can achive it. Movies are inspired by the real life not vice versa and we can prove it: VIKI

How many times have you imagined the lights in house wenting on at the clapping of your hands. Well, with VIKI, there’s no need to clap your hands anymore, is enought to move from one room to the other. But where do these ideas of a smart home come?

You do not have to be a fan of science fiction literature, because the film industry is doing its job brilliantly when it comes to this. And if we go back to the initial statement if someone could imagine a solution for the house that can make certain tasks by itself,  why wouldn’t that be real.VIKI Video Control

V.I.K.I, to some it may sound familiar, someothers may even know where it comes from, but for the rest, we have to say that the name is the acronym of Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence, and yes is the name of a character, actually an intelligent robot from a movie. The movie character was saving the mankind, our VIKI is saving time and energy.

What VIKI knows more you will find out by following us on the way to launch this project.

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