Yes or no when it comes to home automation?

Do people want to automate their homes and which functionality of home control they would like the most? These are the two question for which we found answers among the JCI Danube Conference participants , where we have been invited to talk about VIKI in a smart city context.

The  results are as we expected, 65.38% of those present take into account the installation of a home automation system in the near future . Surprisingly 7 out of 10 women said yes,  they would like to live in automated home environement.

Da sau Nu pentru automatizarea locuintei

As for functionalities, the top choise was the heating control,  motivated by the benefits it brings in terms of comfort, but also by the money saving  benefits that we talked about in a previous article.

Functionalitati de automatizare a locuintei

Door lock controlled from the mobile phone and Lighting Control follow in respondents’ preferences. Heating, Lighting, Home Acces and Multimedia  are part of the first version of VIKI, which wil be released at the begining of 2016.