Why smart home automation is essential for energy savings

If until recently the home automation systems were considered science fiction,  they are becoming now more and more present into our lives. Managing to control and monitor almost all the technological devices we use in a house, either we are at home or kilometers away, they bring significant benefits in what concernes the energy savings.

Scenariu-VIKI-3-luminiHow many times has it happened to forget the lights or the heat turned on while leaving home?   Our intelligent home automation system now allows  not only to continuously monitor the status and to turn on/off from the phone all the electonical smart devices, but will learn  your program, it will know when you came or leave the home, and therefore will heat the house at the  right temperature, and will turn it off when the house is empty. In addition to the results in savings , such a solution eliminates concerns and gives the users peace of mind.

But much of the electricity is consumed while we are at home and without us realizing it. Whether we move from room to room and forget the light on, whether we find another activity while the TV remains on in another room, a smart home will know when it is time to close them due to motion sensors that identify the presence or absence of users in a certain room.

With the touch of a button, the tools to maximize the energy efficiency of the house are now within everyone’s reach. Technology that recently we could see only in movies is now here and besides comfort and entertainment brings the possibility of an economy of resources.