If we talk about intelligent confort, we talk about VIKI

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Although more and more intelligent devices make their appearance in our homes in order to improve our lifestyle, there is always a risk that the whole process of automating our homes, becomes to demanding for the user. The reason? Too many devices and apps  lacking a common language that can create a really smart and interconnected environment.

rsz_multiThis is the problem for which VIKI is the solution. An intelligent system able to integrate different automation systems and various technologies into a single solution with multiple automation functionalities, all in a single interface.

Relying on comfort and simplicity, VIKI will integrate and automate all smart electronic devices in the house giving users precise control over the home’s environment. Convenience, comfort and security are essential things for anyone and  VIKI’s main objectives.

Lighting, climate, security and multimedia, are all functionalities that can be controlled from your mobile phone, whether you’re home, office or maybe thousands of kilometers away. More than that, VIKI is not only a system that is configured when it is installed and after that the same settings are applied, VIKI is a system that will learn and adapt all the time. If your habits and configuration changes so does the smart house.

Beyond the technical aspects of the solution, the single most important benefit is the safety that comes from  the full control you have on your house and “peace of mind ” it brings.

Imagine a world in which…

viki monitorizare casa

Imagine a world in which your home is a oasis of relaxation after a busy day.  It’s not about a house on the beach, but exactly your home, where you can spend the whole year in the most pleasant ways if you choose to integrate a intelligent home automation system.

Why should you take into consideration a smart home system?

You only need to know that according to MarketWatch, until 2020, there will be 29.5 million devices from refrigerators to cars connected by the Internet of Things, as opposed to 10.3 million in 2014 . And if you are a new technologies passionate using various gadgets and  spending 1/3 of your every day time on the Internet,  a smart home solution it will be just what you are missing.

How can a smart home help you?

We choose to emphasize just three main reasons:

  • The system “learns” from user behavior and choices which are made in the period after the installation. After that VIKI will work according to the user preferences expressed before.
  • Connectivity, accessibility and  permanent monitoring: You can 24/7 monitor whatever is happening at home, whether it  pets being left alone or plants that need to be watered while in vacation.viki pic
  • Smart appliances: just imagine that you dont’t have to wake up 10 minutes earlier anymore to make the coffee, because at the moment when you step out the bed, VIKI has already “communicate” the task to the coffee maschine, and the TV in the living room is turn on on the news channel.

All this will help you save time, energy and enjoy the time you spent at home.

Home sweet automated home!

viki monitorizare geam

What does your dream house look like? Certainly at least once you’ve imagined how big it should be, the design that you want to adopt, and how will you customize your personal corner. But have you thought about home automation?

Safety, comfort and more time for your little pleasures are just three of the reasons why you should choose a home automation solution.  Energy efficiency and automation of all the intelligent electronic devices directly from the control panel support those mentioned above and the picture is complete after we add the artificial intelligence.

Home is where you should feel most safe, so with permanent video monitoring, motion sensors and VIKI which warns you when you forget any window or door opened, this is possible.window And if we talk about vacations, your home is on “good hands”.  The flowers will get light and water on time, and the air conditioning will not work more than it should, all under the supervision of VIKI.

About the confort such a solution offers you, would be much to say, but perhaps the most important is that after a long day when you return home, the room temperature is right, the blinds are drawn, the music is playing softly and the lights are dimmed. You just need to add a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine and relax.

As important as those mentioned above, energy efficiency is another solid reason for you to choose an automation system, with no lights or other multimedia devices forgotten on and effective communication between all connected devices even when not at home.

Whether it’s about an apartment or a house do not forget to include in your plans a system for smart homes, because the future is now!