What happens when VIKI artificial intelligence meets Amazon Echo Dot. VIDEO

Developing the first truly intelligent home system in Romania means many hours of teamwork. It means exchanging ideas, endless lines of code, hours of discussion (sometimes contradictory), failures, beginning all over again and, often, fun – all as a team.
In the past days, the VIKI team has managed to integrate the voice control facility into the application through Amazon Echo DOT. And this innovation was done as described above – with trials, failures and fun times. First, we had to establish a link to “Alexa” (the name given to the Amazon Echo DOT). Then we had to introduce Alexa to VIKI and get them to work together.

Currently, Alexa has befriended VIKI and tells her what to do – the only condition is to understand, in turn, what we ask. How we tested the new friendship between VIKI and Alexa, how the voice command works, how well we got on with Alexa and why she didn’t find the ProTv channel, you can see in the latest video. Just make sure you have the sound on, to hear our “discussions” with Alexa and the errors of communication!

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