Security function, natively integrated in the smart home: see and hear VIKI’s intrusion alarm! [VIDEO]

The VIKI smart home protects the house and its stuff through a natively integrated function and, in case of alarm, all family members will receive notifications on their mobile phones.

It is important to know that the same sensors that control the lights or measure the temperature and humidity are also in charge of motions monitoring in the house. So, it’s not necesarry to invest in many more different systems (heating, air conditioning, humidity, security), which would come each with their sets of specific sensors, dedicated controller and communication system.

VIKI only uses one sensor, with multiple functions and capabilities, one analytic element (the house’s computer) and modern warning elements, already integrated in the house’s design – in this case, the TV set and the sound system of the house. All these lead to a substantial lower cost for the system, opposite to the case where each facility of the house would be run by a dedicated system.

Another different thing about VIKI, unlike other “smart” houses, is the way the warning message is communicated, in case of intrusion. It’s not a classic alarm that only makes noise; it’s an automated message that is broadcasted through the TV set and/or the house’s sound system. If there are more rooms in the house with VIKI multimedia, the message is broadcasted in each of them.

The warning message was conceived especially for VIKI by a psychologist, who delivered valuable information about the way the message must be transmited, the way it must be spoken, so that the effect of discouraging the intrusion attempt should be highest.

VIKI is the only smart home system that has a built-in security and active protection of the house function, even when we leave the pet inside the house. According to the option the user selects (see the video, at ”20), the house activates all the sensors, or just the perimeter sensors (open windows/doors), when the user leaves.

You can see in the video below how, after the users leave the house and the location is armed, all the consumers are turned off; the house switches to an energy saving mode, without the users intervention – they don’t have to manually turn off the lights or the TV or the heating system, when they leave.