Scenarios ready to make your life easier in the VIKI house

Mornings can be difficult for everyone, for morning persons and the grumpy ones equally. And when we talk about families who also have children to prepare for school or kindergarten, things get even more complicated.

What if you would have someone to help on these chaotic mornings? To have someone to gently wake the little ones up, so they can get out of bed happily and prepare for a new day. To have someone to prepare your coffee and turn on your favourite music. Or turn on your TV on your favourite news channel while you get ready for work.

Everything would be easier with such help. But the days when families had servants in the house are over, aren’t they? Of course, times have changed, and so have the routine of families and their dynamics. The good news is that we can now rely on the virtual butler to make our lives easier – in the morning and at any other time of the day.

The latest update of the VIKI application brings to the family home exactly the help needed. From now on, you can activate at a predefined time a preferred scenario for each morning, afternoon or evening, for each room, area of ​​the house or family member. These scenarios can activate the desired functions of the house, on weekdays, and can be repeated after a pattern, depending on the options of each family member.

For example, we can set a “Morning” scenario for the child’s room, which will be repeated every school day. According to that scenario, VIKI will raise the blinds at a certain time set by us, then put on music or whatever we tell it to do.

Predefined and pre-programmed scenarios can be set to repeat, on days and hours, or at a certain time interval. And our life will be much easier, with the help of VIKI intelligence.

Estimating the energy consumption of the house

In the past months we’ve been working on a new module, which will contribute to energy saving, being especially useful in homes that produce their own energy from renewable sources – but also regular homes. The new module will allow an estimate of energy consumption throughout the day, based on consumption history. Thus, we will get a comparison between the energy consumed, from hour to hour, and the consumption prediction made by VIKI. Finally, artificial intelligence will help us manage consumers so that energy costs are minimal.

The image below shows a comparison between the estimate made by VIKI 24 hours before the moment of consumer activation, the orange graph being the actual consumption.

We will talk more about this module and how it will be integrated in the homes of the future, in the following articles.