VIKI installation kit. What does it mean?

viki sistem central

In a recent article we were mentioning the fact that although the installation of a home automation system it may seem a complex process, in fact it requires an activity of one or two days and a few minor adjustments.

But what are the components that make a smart home functional?

The first to be mentioned is the home server that orchestrate the communication between  all electronic sistem-centraldevices controling lighting, heating, or multimedia,  by using VIKI’ s intelligence.
This “brain” of the house is called VIKI Central Unit.

To intelligently control the heating we recommend a kit consisting of a LCD radiator thermostat and  an actuator for the central heating system,clima-incalzire and for the hot summer days when we need to remotely start the air conditioning , it will be possible via the dedicated Z-Wave controller.

In addition to the classic motion detection function the multi sensors measure the ambient temperature and the light intensity, all this information being then forwarded to the home server which will implement actions according to our previous settings.

In what concernes our home security, the sensors that have been mounted on the doors and windows will alert us if we forget them opened when we live home,securitate-usi-geamuri or when we prepare for sleep. Also a security alert, the flood sensor   is particularly useful for our peace of mind when we leave home for longer period.

Smoke sensors, actuators for switches and other electronic devices which can be controlled via VIKI functionalities are available on

VIDEO: How to control your home acces with VIKI

One of the main facilities of a home automation solution is the security of the home, and when it comes to safety one thing we must pay special attention is the house acces.

Lost or misplaced keys, the front door forgotten opened  or facilitating access to the house for someone when you’re not nearby are  situations that we all have been into, and for which VIKI is the solution.

With the Access Control feature you can open or close the door  with a simple click on your iOS or Android smartphone and also you can view the status of the doors and windows even from hundreds of kilometers away.

How easy is to operate it you can see in the footage below where we used for demonstration a YDM 3168 (Yale) lock from ASSA ABLOY. (romanian language only)

MnemoniQ: makes you feel at home, no matter where you go

If until now we have talked about the ways in which VIKI can improve our lifestyle and the  time we spend at home, you should know that we are implementing a solution even for those who travel a lot.  The goal: to feel like home anywhere; The name: MnemoniQ.

Be it a hotel or vacation home where you often go with your family, now it’s very easy to take your home automation preferences with you. If at home you’re accustomed to a certain temperature, light settings or a relaxing audio ambience  while dinning, using MnemoniQ you can have the same facilities wherever you go.mnemoniq

With this feature, the preferences that VIKI had learned and applied at home can be replicated by means of the smartphone to another location, where it will operate identically. The only condition is to have a VIKI system installed in that location too.

HOME is where VIKI is! is not just a status, but rather a purpose  for VIKI – to give you the best experience at home or wherever you might go.

More than just an intelligent home. A lifestyle

viki a1

VIKI, the house of the future lives in  Cluj and VIKI, the smart house butler  are two of VIKI’S  media appearances of this week.

VIKI confirms each passing day  that yes it can be done. We started with an idea that seamed taken from a science fiction film but with the clear purpose of bringing the future at home as a user-friendly smart home  solution. Easy to operate, intuitive and with a great “sense of observation” given the multitude of sensors installed in each room, VIKI gives  the necessary intelligence to the objects connected to imitate the human behavior. It would be a unique product that not only controls the equipment in the house through mobile phone or tablet, but able to learn and reproduce human behavior in what concern the use of electronic devices.

Far for being only a technical solution which opens and close doors with a multitude of strange looking devices all around the house , VIKI should be looked at as a way of living. We wish  that the entire family would “adopt” VIKI and feel confortable using it,  be it wife,  children and even pets for which we have developed a special feature.

More now you can take your preferences stored by VIKI  at home, at the office or in vacation. The preferred settings for temperature, lights and music scenarios, will be automatically transferred to the new location, be it a hotel or a vacation home with the Mnemoniq function. The condition is to have installed a VIKI system even there.

And because pictures say more than a thousand words, we present you the interview we  gave to Antena 1 news (romanian only):VIKI, majordomul virtual