Want to know how much it costs to build your smart home? You can configure it yourself, on the VIKI website

Smart homes were once called the homes of the future, but they can no longer be considered a distant dream, because they are already present in the lives of many people – and their number is growing. And VIKI’s intelligence has constantly developed over the last 5 years, automating our customers’ homes, increasing their comfort, energy savings and the pleasure of living in a space that is constantly adapting to their needs.

One of the first questions received by our team from smart home enthusiasts is: how much does the VIKI system cost?
The answer is not so easy to give, as each house has its own features – number of rooms, halls, bathrooms, terraces etc. – and every homeowner can see their home automation differently. The price of a home automation system is influenced by several aspects, such as the number of equipment needed, what kind of technologies we choose, what we want to automate – because we can choose several facilities offered by VIKI.

However, to answer this question with a reasonable estimate, we have created the VIKI configurator, so that any user can calculate an indicative price for their project by accessing our website.

There you must enter more general data about the house, and the price of the automation system is calculated according to them: the total area and number of rooms – hall, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, closet, technical space, terrace etc.

As we’ve already mentioned, the price is only an estimate, it is calculated based on the average cost of the projects developed by the team and VIKI distributors, taking into account the most used technologies and equipment used for each type of room. The price includes design services, the purchase of equipment necessary for automation (example: sensors, actuators, relays etc.), their initialization and integration into the VIKI system, installation on site, configuration of smartphone or tablet applications and commissioning.

Good to know: when we refer to the equipment needed for automation, we do not include the elements in the house that will be controlled – for example, lamps, central heating, blinds or the TV itself.

The final price of the client’s house configuration may differ if new requirements or facilities are added to those described in the configuration for each room of the house. More details on the configurator and the estimated price can be found on the VIKI website.

We invite you to test the VIKI configurator and estimate your costs for your smart home!